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Think of your roof as the head of the house. It protects your valuables inside from the climate outside. You trust it to hold up under the most dire of weather. And if you live in the Front Range Colorado area known as the heart of "Hail Alley", you know the weather we speak of. Storm Contracting Solutions has been caring for the Residential Roofing needs of your neighbors for many years. We empathize with the stress, the frustration, and the skepticism you feel. You have questions on top of questions. We get it and we are here for you. Call us right now. Let's start with an introduction and some answers. Or if it's easier for you, just send us a message with your concerns, and we will reply via message with a solution for you.

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Roof Repair vs. Roof Replacement

At Storm Contracting Solutions, we believe all services should begin with a complete and thorough Roof Inspection. From this, we can determine if one of our Residential Roof Repair Services will fix the problem. We need to feel confident that we leave you and your home under a solid roof of protection and security. If a repair is not feasible due to the condition, age, and possible damages, a Roof Replacement will be necessary. But no need to stress; there are still options. Many times, we can get away with installing new shingles over the old, thereby cutting labor costs and waste. Click on one of the Residential Roof Services below to learn more about each service. Or Contact Us immediately and let's talk about what's going on with your residential roof.

Roofing Options

Which Residential Roof Service does Your Roof Need?

Why Homeowners in Your Area Call Storm Contracting Solutions

  • We empathize
  • We are licensed and bonded
  • We know the area
  • Our contractors are thorough and fast
  • Homeowners feel safe and secure during entire process
  • We keep all job materials within a designated work zone

  • Years of experience and satisfied customers
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