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We are the Top Colorado Roofing Contractor trusted with Residential Roof Repair, and a variety of Commercial Roofing Systems for the communities of Colorado's Front Range. Our impeccable reputation has allowed us to expand to other areas of service including Cheyenne Wyoming, Salt Lake City Utah. We aim to provide accurate solutions for ALL of your building's Roof-Top needs using premium materials and award-winning craftsmanship.

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Residential and Commercial Roofing Services

You don’t have to pay anything up front. Instead, you simply pay for each scope of work as it’s finished. For insurance claims, we ask that you pay us the amount the insurance company has paid after each scope is completed. Accommodating your needs is our number 1 goal!

hail damage

Hail Damage

To determine if any damage has been caused by a hail storm, a close inspection of the roof must be made by a qualified professional. In most cases, damage cannot be observed from the ground.

gutter installation

Gutter Installation

Your gutters and downspouts are an essential part of your roof and home. A gutter system that isn't performing correctly can cause more damage to your home and foundation than one would expect.

wind damage

Wind Damage

Wind is one of the most powerful natural forces on earth, sometimes carrying with it water and debris that can be devastating. Wind can be unpredictable and incredibly powerful.

insurance claims

Insurance Claims

We work directly with your insurance company to speed up the insurance claim process, and ensure that all legitimate storm damage is identified. Our full-service approach ensures a smooth recovery process by managing every aspect of the hail and storm damage restoration process.

roof repair

Roof Repair

The condition of your roof has a direct impact on your quality of life and the overall value of your home. Unfortunately, roofs don’t last forever. If a leaky or unsound roof is ignored, serious problems are sure to develop.

insurance adjustments

Insurance Adjustments

We can schedule to meet onsite with the insurance adjuster to identify damage and make sure nothing is overlooked.  We will discuss details unique to your claim and work with them to ensure the estimate your insurance company prepares will be accurate and fair.

Commercial and Residential Colorado Roofing Contractors
We Cover Homes. We Cover Store Fronts. We Cover Barns. If You Got a Roof, We Got You Covered!

Storm Contracting Solutions started as a locally owned Colorado business doing roofing in Denver CO, and is now proud to serve the Denver Metropolitan area and the entire Front Range of Colorado, Salt Lake City Utah and surrounding areas, and Cheyenne Wyoming. Our longevity in the roofing business allows us to offer the very best warranties available in the market place today.

We take great pride in our attention to detail during each and every stage of the roofing project. From our initial survey to well beyond project completion, our clients’ satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. Whether you are in the market for preventative maintenance, repairs or a complete re-roof, we have a solution to your problem-

If your rooftop is in need of repairs or replacement, one of our roofing specialists will analyze your project and provide you with a detailed specification plan of action and completion cost. To further show the confidence we have in our work, all of our roofing systems include a comprehensive labor and materials warranty. Let us show you the kind of peace of mind that your 1st call to Storm Contracting Solutions can do.

We help Walk You Through The Whole Process

Getting your roof done has never been easier. We help assess the damage, file the insurance claim, go head to head with the adjusters and fix your roof with guaranteed satisfaction.

Denver Roofing Process

Frequently Asked Questions

It is hard to tell if the roof has significant hail damage without getting up there yourself, and that could end up costing you more money if you aren't experienced with how and where to walk safely. Instead, look for these signs, (1) damaged siding; (2) dented gutters and downspouts; (3) hail splatter on the driveway; (4) dented a/c condenser or heat pump; (5) dented roof vents or metal flashing; (6) granules from asphalt shingles found in gutters; (7) cracked skylights; and the obvious (8) water spots on the ceiling or in the attic. Your best bet is to call SCS as soon as possible for a Free Roof Inspection.

Most homeowners spend between $300 and $1,100 for a typical residential roof repair, or an average of $650 per repair call. Insurance will typically pay for storm damage, but you only have 1 year to file, and it is best to have a roofing company do a Roof Inspection before calling your insurance.

SCS can repair the majority of roof malfunctions, however, there are a few things that determine if your roof is beyond repair. They are age, expired warranty, how much of the roof needs to be repaired, and overall structural integrity. The best rule of thumb is if the cost of repairing your roof is more than 50% the cost of a new roofing system, it is time to replace the roof.


The most durable roofing system would have to be slate shingles. This roof material is known to stand for hundreds of years. But it is expensive and very heavy. Consider a metal roof; they are not just for commercial buildings and are found more often throughout residential areas. Metal roofing is where the price meets durability making it one of the most cost-effective ways to go.

Fixing a roof is a tricky DIY and should only be done by a homeowner with some construction experience. Also, while a flat roof is fine to walk on, a tiled roof is most delicate. Since a roof inspection is free, why not call SCS to come check it out for you? And don't forget, we offer emergency roofing service as well.

Your roof is made to stand up to the storm but water has a way of getting through the thickest barriers sometimes. We offer a Roof Coating Service in which we apply a coat or barrier to your entire roof and around all the flashing, ridge caps, etc. This can extend the life of your roof up to 25 years.

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