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Why Choose a Metal Roof?

Metal roofing is one of the most popular (and oldest) types of roofing used for commercial buildings. It’s chosen time and time again by property owners looking to keep their units sleek and protected. But what you probably didn't know is that it is making a huge dent (no pun intended) in the Residential Roofing market. The new styles can mimic roof shingles- shakes, slate, and tile, and there are dozens of colors to choose from.

Metal roofs and siding panels can be used on different building structures and roof slopes. Because this system has a high wind resistance and can shed snow and ice, it meets certain weather condition requirements, such as holding up through hurricanes and the extreme winters we have here in Denver, Colorado. On top of that, during the hot summer months, it helps to keep the inside of the building cooler.

This roofing option is a favorite for a few reasons. It is a lightweight system that can be easily applied right on top of any existing roof, thus eliminating the need to remove the old roof which means less waste and less labor. Not only do you save money, it is also a "green" option for those who take our environmental future seriously.

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